Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mrs. Brady's Seventh Grade Cookbook Project

During the fall of 1962, Mrs. Brady had the class write a cookbook. Long before there were computers to do layouts - we set out to design a book to give to our mothers for Christmas.
The boys and girls were separated in 7th and 8th grade. So, this was an all girls classroom- and we were in our third year with Mrs. Brady. She had also taught us in 3rd grade (in the portable) and 5th grade.

My book is covered with contact paper and held together with two loose leaf style rings.
Shown here are the recipes that Mary, Sharon, Judy and I contributed.

Mary's Thumb Print Cookies p. 34
Sharon's Tuna burger (great for meatless Fridays) p. 22
Judy's Pepper Steak p. 12
Ceil's Whirligig Cookies p. 33

The complete index and the student contributors:

1. Pineapple Delight - Karen Chester
2. Cranberry Souffle - Barbara Selasky
3. Lime Pineapple - Kathy Ryan
4. Mixed Bean - Janet Jakeway
5. Pineapple Cheese - Janet Jakeway
6. Potato Salad - Patricia Donally

Meat Dishes
7. Quick Spanish Ham - Marilyn Marshall
8. Fancy Hamburgers - Paula Outland
9. Hungarian Goulash - Lorraine Deyo
10. Macaroni and Ground Beef - Diane Gerou
11. Pigs in a Blanket - Celeste Groen
12. Pepper Steak - Judy Weiszer
13. Bar B Q Lamb Shanks - Patty Smith
14. Bar B Q Spare Ribs - Kathy Guy
15. Corn Crisp Chicken - Suzanne Garza
15. Company Chicken and Potatoes -
16. Mary Ellen's Delight - Marilyn Walker
17. Veal Parmesan - Mary Anne Nagorson
18. Italian Style Tomato Sauce - Kathy Kurta
19. Escalloped Potatoes -
19. Hot Dogs and Cheese - Marilyn Boroswski
20. Hamburg Casserole - Wilma St. Onge
21. Spaghetti Italian Style - Jo Anne Reinhart
21. Sloppy Joes - Karen Prager
22. Tuna Burgers - Sharon Ciak
23. Salmon Loaf - Mary Kay Actkinson

24. Orange Layer Cake - Theresa Mamo

25. Wacky Cake-
26. Burnt Sugar Cake - Cheryl Smith
27. Mix Quick Cake - Suzanne Noble
28. Instant Pudding Cake - Roseanne White
29. Hot Fudge Sunday Cake - Rosemary Cierpilowski
30. Pineapple Nut Torte - Margaret Lach
31. Lemon Pudding - Linda Lockman
32. Chocolate Cake - Deborah McLaren
33. Whirligig Cookies - Cecile Wendt
34. Thumb Print Cookies - Mary Bianconi
35. Apple Crisp - Barbara Marriott
36. Cream Puffs - Laura Toth
37. English Toffee - Kathy Maher
38. Banana Nut Bread - Cheryl Ratigan
39. Custard Bread Pudding - Linda Kowalski
40. Cream Pie- Variations - Connie Doolittle
41. Nut Bread - Patrice Borland
42. Nusinphiffen - Judy Cerwinski
43. Four Way Christmas Fudge - Cynthia Borsak
44. Fruit Bars - Virgina Connor
45. Graham Cracker Crust - Janice Cantelon


Terry said...

This is incredible.... I always wanted to track down Mrs. Brady to tell her how much her classes (3rd, 5th, and 7th) meant to me. I remember how, @ times, if you forgot your lunch, she'd let you walk home w/ her and have peanut butter and jelly.

Terry Smith Lloyd '65

Margie Lach Stephen said...

I remember Mrs. Brady with fondness. She was kind and I think very patient. I do remember that cookbook! I still have some of my Report Cards. Wish I still had the 64' class photo though.

info said...

Mary said..
I Loved Mrs. Brady... I remember the Long string of pearls that she always wore , tyed in a knot. She always saw the positive side of everyone. Mrs. Riddle was also a favorite... 4th Grade

Suzanne (Garza) Richardson said...

I don't remember the cookbook or even the recipe I submitted, but reading all the girls' names was so much fun! Many I had forgotten, but in reading each name, their faces came back to me! Margaret Lach, do you remember me? Suzanne Garza Richardson (I am on Facebook)

Mary Connor Balazic said...

My sister Ginny (Virginia) Connor was in this class. I (Mary) was a year behind. I loved Mrs. Brady! she always told stories of her dog eating the bath soap or getting into something funny. I had lunch at her house a few times too! In eight grade Ginny was picked to crown the Blessed Mother! Life was Good!

tangled in the briars said...

My cousin Celeste Groen, submitted the "pigs in a blanket" recipe. I was in 8th grade and it was the only year I was there. I didn't know Mrs. Brady very much, but I do know everyone liked her.

Unknown said...

Oh I just discovered this blog. I was in class with Ginny. We would walk home from school every day. Lorraine would also walk. Those were great days. How is Ginny. I do remember her crowning the Blessed Mother! Marilyn Walker Kosiorek

Unknown said...

Mrs. Brady was the best! Her daughter was my Big Sister in sorority at Eastern Michigan. I got to see Mrs. Brady several times then
Marilyn Walker Kosiorek